Finally... pain relief that works!

"Rated #1 overall back pain patch on the market." -
  • 97% Customer Satisfaction

  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • FSA/HSA Eligible

  • Clinically Tested

Powerful, reusable relief

Signal Relief is an innovative wellness product that helps to reduce the impact of pain 100% drug-free.

Inside the Signal Relief Patch, patented technology is designed to work alongside the body's natural electrical system to pick up messages of discomfort. When in use, microscopic particles between the layers of the Signal Relief Patch act as an antenna, helping to quiet the noise and reduce the impact of pain.

The Signal Relief Patch

  • Reusable relief
  • Reduces pains in as little as seconds
  • Works on musculoskeletal pain
  • Easy to apply anywhere on the body
  • 1-Year product warranty
  • Feel better or your money back guarantee
  • 97% Customer Satisfaction

  • Medical Grade Made in the USA

  • 45-day Money-back Guarantee

  • US-based Customer Service

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Drug-free relief for every body.

Over 100,000 lives changed and we're just getting started!


"I felt like one of those people in your ads. Instant amazing relief. A total non-believer until I put it on. Can't say it works for everybody, but for my wife and I we love them."

Jeffrey S.

"This patch has worked wonders everywhere I’ve put it, and [for] everyone I have let use it for a ‘spot check’!! Going to be ordering more soon!"

Sylvia S.

My husband has been in constant and at times debilitating pain for the last 20 years. We've tried LOTS of odd sounding remedies. After 3 days with the Signal patch, he is able to stand up straighter, has lots more energy.

Juli L.

I have spent 53 years on and off crutches, dragging my leg and living a very small life while waiting to get old enough for a knee replacement. MEANWHILE…I bought this little patch. Didn’t expect much.
Stuck it on my knee and OMG…. I was walking pretty well and couldn’t believe it.

Gail C.

How to Use

Simplify your pain relief routine.


Hold the patch in place on or slightly above the most intense point of pain.


Use the included latex-free adhesives to stick your Signal Relief Patch in place or tuck the patch inside a close-fitting article of clothing. For those with sensitive skin, the effects of Signal Relief can also be felt through thin garments!


Reclaim what pain has taken from you and get back to an active lifestyle.

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Relief Reinvented

  • 100% drug-free, non-habit forming, clinically tested

  • Patented technology provides pain relief without putting anything into the body.

  • Reusable & long-lasting: one Signal Relief patch lasts 365+ days!

No Drugs. Just Science.

Our bodies rely on electrical and chemical signals running through the nervous system for everything. When you experience pain of any kind, extra energy is created within the body at the source, similar to how a radio creates static.

When placed between your pain and the brain, the Signal Relief patch is designed to pick up the message your body is sending out. Microscopic particles between the layers of the Signal Relief patch act as an antenna, helping to quiet the noise and reduce the impact of pain.

No electrical impulses. No numbing. No limitations.

Signal Relief is made of medical-grade materials that are flexible, durable, and latex-free.

Unlike other relief products, nothing is put into your body with the use of the Signal Relief patch – eliminating the risk of overuse and addiction.

Wear Signal Relief daily or as often as you need reliable drug-free relief.

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