How does the Signal Relief patch work?

how does the signal relief patch work?

To fully grasp how the Signal Relief patch works, you first need to understand the basics of human biology. To put it simply, our bodies rely on electrical and chemical signals running through the nervous system for everything: sight, smell, touch, movement, and physical discomfort – to name a few. In the event of injury or affliction, an unbalanced electrical field is created within the body’s nervous system at the source of discomfort, similar to how a radio creates static. 

The technology within the layers of the Signal Relief patch works to detect, divert, and absorb this excess energy using patented nanocapacitors and a process known as neuro capacitive coupling. 

Nanocapacitors store energy in an electric field. A typical capacitor is made from two conductive plates with non-conductive material in-between. Unlike standard capacitors that contain only two conductive plates, the Signal Relief patch uses an array of billions of nano-capacitors embedded in a non-conductive material. These billions of energy storage banks inside the patch work together to absorb and store the excess energy your body creates at the source of your discomfort.

apply the signal relief patch for knee discomfort

Once absorbed within the patch, the energy inside these tiny energy banks is stored until it is eventually converted to heat through neuro capacitive coupling. (This is the reason many feel a warming relief when the patch is in the right place.)

By diverting the signal created by the source of discomfort before it has a chance to trigger a response, the Signal Relief patch allows your body to more readily return to a balanced state – resulting in drug-free relief.

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