The Science Behind Signal Relief

How Does NCC Help Relieve Discomfort?

Internally, Signal Relief's highly sensitive nano-capacitive arrays, each containing billions of nano-capacitors, allow the Interception, absorption and dissipation of the unbalanced electrical field-effect energy from the user's neural network.

When the Signal Relief patch is placed on or near the users body in an area where the unbalanced electrical field effect energy exists (source of discomfort), the neuro capacitive coupling effect begins as the patch becomes the path of least resistance, the energy is redirected into the arrays of nano-capacitors, where its stored and then wasted as heat internally in the Signal Relief device.

Any energy that is not rerouted into the Signal Relief device is lessened and passes through to the brain to be interpreted as a less intense discomfort.

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Capacitors and Electrical Fields

A basic capacitor is a device that contains two pieces of conductive material, such as two metal plates, that are close together, but do not touch. In between the conductors is a non-conductive or "dielectric" material, such as air, plastic, binder, or rubber.

Capacitors due to their non-touching nature have little interaction with magnetic fields, like wires and other solid conductors do.

Signal Relief utilizes not 2, but billions of nanometer size conductive particles combined with a dielectric to create the Signal Relief patches Nano-capacitive arrays.

These capacitive arrays are sensitive to electrical fields and ignore magnetic fields.

Why is it important to be sensitive to electrical fields?

Our bodies rely on electrical signals running through our nervous system. These electrical signals are the sparks of life that control every aspect of our lives, operating our brains and bodies for sight, smell, sounds, touch, discomfort, memory, thought and more.

These electrical signals are relayed throughout our body's nervous system by relay stations called synapse. The synapse operates either by chemical interaction or direct electrical action.

The "electrical synapses" operate through gap junctions; these junctions are capacitive in nature allowing bi-directional AC energy flow.

The "chemical synapse" creates unidirectional energy flow, DC pulses using a process similar to a battery charging and discharging.

Energy flow in the Synapses generate electrical field effect pulses and waves that extend outward from the synapse junctions and above your body.

These electrical field effect pulses and waves can be intercepted and modified externally through Neuro Capacitive Coupling (NCC™).

How was NCC Discovered?

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Origin Story

In 2010, Rhett and Anthony accomplished what everyone else in the wireless communications industry said was impossible by revolutionizing the way antennas work. While working on technology using near field magnetic induction (NFMI), which uses short range magnetic fields to pass data, Tony and Rhett had an idea. What if you could minimize the magnetic field, save a lot of wasted energy and create a signal that was more powerful and more efficient? This was impossible, but they did it. Working on this idea is what sparked the eventual discovery of the power of Nano-sized capacitors. This resulted in an antenna with arrays of Nano-capacitors requiring less power and could travel 300% farther than any other antenna.

This invention was picked up by the military. It made it easier for soldiers in the field to transfer communication equipment. What Rhett and Tony didn't realize was that the same technology they invented for the military would also work with the body's electrical system and would revolutionize the way we view relief.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, Rhett was involved in a serious motorcycle accident. This rendered him completely incapacitated from breaking every rib on the left side of his body. The accident caused him so much discomfort that he needed an excess of 19 oxycodone pills a day just to be able to breathe. In what Rhett calls a burst of inspiration, he had the thought to place the antenna on his chest where he was feeling the discomfort. Within 10 minutes, Rhett's discomfort had completely subsided. He no longer needed to take any medication to be able to breath. In another leap of faith, Rhett left the antenna on his body for the next four days. When the doctor came back to examine him, he asked Rhett if he healed faster than normal people. Surprised by the question, Rhett asked the doctor why he would ask such a question. The doctor's reply was, 'your injuries look like they are four weeks old not four days old' Rhett was blown away and realized that he had discovered something that would change the world forever. Over the next five years Rhett and Tony spent every minute of every day researching and developing this technology.

Three years after Rhett's accident, Mike was introduced to Rhett and Tony as a potential investor in their antenna technology. Once Mike saw the antenna, its patents and that the government had invested over $4.5 million dollars into testing and vetting the technology, he agreed to invest a large sum of money into it's production and development. When Mike heard about Rhett's experience with the antenna he was more skeptical than believing. He wrote Rhett's experience off as an act of divine intervention. For the next few years he gave no further thought to the investment until Spring of 2019 when his friend Daniel approached him with stories from hundreds of people who had experienced relief through this technology.

What Daniel didn't realize is that Mike was in an immense amount of discomfort himself. He had injured his back 10 years prior in a weight lifting accident. He had been dealing with chronic back discomfort that prevented him from living a normal life and connecting with his children the way they needed him to. When his friend convinced him that this really did work, he met with Tony and Rhett to try their technology for himself. It only took minutes for his back discomfort to disappear. It was at this moment that Mike knew this technology was really special and needed to be shared with the world. Shortly thereafter, Tony, Rhett, Daniel and Mike went all in on this cause together and created the product now known as Signal Relief.