How Does Signal Relief Work

Signal Relief is the world’s most advanced solution for relief. It’s a new remedy in alternative medicine that uses nanotechnology in the form of antennas to help you find relief from intense levels of pain naturally. Signal Relief isn’t a pill, steroid cream, or injection. Instead, it’s a palm-sized patch that adheres directly onto your body. The patch is drug-free, chemical-free, and comes with zero side effects.

Pain Has Met Its Patch

Here’s how it works: When you get injured, or have chronic pain, your body sends a signal from the point of trauma to your brain. If you can disrupt that electrical signal so the “pain message” never gets delivered, you can find relief. Nanotechnology was originally designed and used by the U.S. military so troops could better communicate. Now, you can use the same technology to communicate with your own body. Unlike pain relievers or shots, Signal Relief is nonaddictive and doesn’t require additional treatments. One Signal Relief patch will last for years.


The placement of the patch is EXTREMELY important and is most frequently the cause of an individual not experiencing the relief they seek through Signal.

If you are having trouble placing the patch please call Signal Relief’s customer support: +1 (833) 572-0403

Learn how to effectively place the patch to target your pain.

Placement Instructions

Our Guarantee

Here at Signal Relief we offer a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure that all of our customers have a risk free opportunity to try the Signal Relief patch.

All Signal Relief patches are made right here in the United States of America.