4.5" 3 Pack
4.5" 3 Pack
4.5" 3 Pack
4.5" 3 Pack

4.5" 3 Pack

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Buy 2, Get 1 Free!

Stock up on our Signal Relief 3-pack and never be without the relief from Signal Relief again! The Signal Relief Patch 3-pack is the perfect bundle for sharing the patch with a loved one or easing discomfort in multiple areas of the body. 


  • 3 Reusable 4.5” Signal patches
  • 9 latex-free adhesives
  • 3 storage cases
  • Placement instructions
    • Reusable Signal patch with 1-year product warranty
    • 3 latex-free adhesives per patch
    • 1 storage case
    • Placement instructions

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    reusable RELIEF

    AS EASY AS 1-2-3

    1. Find the source of your discomfort.

    2. Place the patch.

    3. Get back to the life you love.

    Patch Placement


    When you get injured or experience extreme pain, your body sends a signal from the point of trauma to your brain. This distress signal creates noise within the nervous system, which doesn’t allow for other messages to get through. The technology in the Signal patch act like a sponge to absorb this noise, allowing you to feel relief and get your body back to the healing process quickly, naturally, and entirely on its own.

    The Signal Relief Patch is built to last over a year, as long as you take good care of it and keep it clean! If treated properly, the technology inside the layers of the patch can last for years. We offer a one year warranty if for some reason your patch needs to be replaced.

    Since there is no medication in the patch and nothing going into your body, there is no limit to how long you can wear the patch! Some people prefer to keep it on for only a few hours at a time, while others will wear it for days on end.

    The same amazing technology that powers the Signal Relief patch can be found inside the layers of Jovi! The Jovi patch is softer, smoother, and shaped in a way that is comfortable to wear wherever you need to place it for durable, discreet relief.


    Gone are the days of wasting money on single-use remedies, prescription drugs, or over-the-counter medications. Signal Relief offers lasting relief with a one-time purchase.


    Every Signal Relief Patch purchase comes with a pack of super sticky, latex-free adhesives so you can keep your patch in place wherever you choose to wear it.

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