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"I got up in the morning... and the pain was gone!"
Nanotech Pain Relief Patch
Original 4.5" Size

Pain comes from electrical signals sent to your brain. The Signal Relief Patch blocks that signal through our patented nanotechnology patch, Drug Free!

Our Patch alleviates pain and helps reduce inflammation, some are even reporting within a matter of seconds getting results! There's no technology out there that compares with Signal Relief!

No Drugs.
Just Science.

93% of our customers give this patch 5 Stars!

Our Community is finding relief from....

- Headaches

- Back Pain

- Knee Pain

- Wrist Pain

- Hands & Feet Pain

- Shoulder Pain

- and more...

This is the most advanced Pain Relief Patch in the world! Reasons?
  • Feel Relief - Find relief from pain, anywhere on your body.
  • 100% Drug FREE! - Unlike medications, Signal Relief adds zero drugs, zero electricity, while naturally alleviating your pain!
  • Reduces Inflammation & Jumpstart the Healing Process - Reduce inflammation, while starting the healing process quicker, aiding quicker results, all while relieving pain for you!
  • Waterproof & Adaptable - Place the patch anywhere on your body, for any activity, for instant pain relief! In any type of water, during any workout, for anything at all.
  • Patches are Reusable & Last for Years! - Signal Relief patches are reusable and last for years! Save money on medications for this one time buy.
  • Alleviate Chronic Pains! - Alleviating and aiding for the pains that have been stopping you for years. We've had reports from customers with positive results ranging from Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, drug free!
  • Get Back Time with Loved Ones! - Get back the time you're Losing with Loved Ones!
  • Boost Your Mood & Mental Health! - Signal Relief has reported a boost in Moods and even helped with Anxieties & Depressions!
  • FREE SHIPPING! - Get Free Shipping ANYWHERE in the Country!
  • One Year Warranty! - Any issues with your Signal Relief Patch within the first year, we'll replace it for you.
  • 90 Day Money back Guarantee! - Your highest satisfaction or every cent will be refunded to you!

Easily said... If you or someone you know is suffering from any type of pain and you want to have an alternative to pain killers and ibuprofen... You're going to want to grab them now before they're gone.

Retail Price - $169
For the Next 40 Minutes Get it For Only $139
Save BIG for the next 40 minutes!
The Relief You’ve Been Waiting For
Bundles are individually packaged & now on sale!
Signal Relief 4.5" Patch (Save 17%)
4.5” Signal Relief
Single + Free Shipping
- 1 Reusable Patch
- 3 Adhesives
- 1 Storage Case
Now Only: $149.95
Free USA Shipping truck
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Watch the video below to see how it works!

Customer Experiences

Life was awful for a while. I used to not go anywhere unless I had my pain meds... I started to think it would just be better if I wasn't here anymore. But then we got the signal patch and by the third day, my pain was GONE! It was an absolute Miracle. Signal Relief really is amazing! It helped to get my life back.


(See Full story on our YouTube channel)

The pain I've been dealing with over the last long while is Plantar Fasciitis. It feels like stepping on glass in the morning. When I put on the patch, I could slowly feel it dissipate. I looked at my friend who gave it to me and said "What is going on man?!" he told me to get up and when I got up, that pain was gone! I couldn't believe it. I became a believer at that point. So, yeah thank you.

-Filipe Fa

(See full story on our YouTube channel)

There's always 3 days (that time of the month) that used to put me down and out of commission. Time away from family, work, all of it. My brother got me one of these patches and literally within minutes ALL of my symptoms were gone. It's discrete, I can wear it with anything and most people don't even know I have it on. I finally have my life back for those 3 days! My life is better because of this patch.


(See her full story on our YouTube)

"I don't really know how to explain it, because I don't know how it works... but it's crazy.. It's working!"

Here's what it looks like when it arrives to you!

Comes with Everything You NEED
1 Reusable Patch
3 Adhesives
1 Storage Case
1Year Warranty


We do everything we can to ship your orders out as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority and we want to get you PAIN FREE as soon as possible. Orders are shipped out the following business day of purchase.
All packages are sent via economy or standard service by USPS. Fast delivery guaranteed!
Orders on Friday may be processed on following Monday by USPS, according to USPS's policy.

Limited Quantity - Order Today
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Money Back - No Questions Asked
100% Secure Information


Check this out!

This video shows you how it will arrive, how to put the adhesive on the patch, as well as how to place it on your body for the MAX amount of relief.

We have TONS of videos to explain where to place the patch on different parts of the body where you may be having Pain on our YouTube page. We've got you covered.
If it's not on the site or page, we have a customer service team waiting to help you over the phone, or Feel free to message/ email us!

Pain ruins your life, So get rid of it!
    Regain what pain has taken from you. You have nothing to lose and all to gain!

    Try it today RISK FREE and if you're not 100% happy with the results we'll refund every cent guaranteed!
Just really Cool Science.

Use Signal Relief anywhere, on any place on your body, for virtually any activity out there!
LIFE Doesn't Work if Your Body Doesn't.

Get Back the Life YOU Love, with Those YOU Love.

Retail Price - $169
For the Next 40 Minutes Get it For Only $139
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This product is not intended for use by children or pregnant women. If you have any medical condition, consult your physician before using it.
Our Pain Relief Device does not eliminate the cause of your pain and is not a cure, but it does provide a simple, wearable, alternative for pain relief to maintain an active lifestyle.