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How Does Signal Relief Work

Learn how the Signal Patch can help you and yours get real relief.

How it Works

“I have suffered with unimaginable pain for 23 years and these patches have changed my life! Doctors have told me I'm beyond medical help and just need to accept it... to have the pain almost completely gone and to be able to walk and do things on my own again is truly a miracle to me.”

- Belle

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The placement of the patch is EXTREMELY important and is most frequently the cause of an individual not experiencing the relief they seek through Signal.

If you are having trouble placing the patch please call Signal Relief’s customer support: +1 (833) 572-0403

Learn how to effectively place the patch to target your discomfort.

*Note: Adhesives are provided to assist with patch placement but not required for the Signal Relief Patch to be effective.

Placement Instructions


  • “IT WORKS!!”

    Super impressed with this product. I was a little skeptical at first, but I have loved this product and use it everyday for a variety of pain areas and have seen significant decrease in pain.


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Our Guarantee

Here at Signal Relief we offer a 120 day money back guarantee to ensure that all of our customers have a risk free opportunity to try the Signal Relief patch.

All Signal Relief patches are made right here in the United States of America.