How does the patch work?
When you get injured or experience extreme discomfort, your body sends a signal from the point of trauma to your brain. This distress signal creates noise within the nervous system, which doesn’t allow for other messages to get through. The nanocapacitors in the Signal patch act like a sponge to absorb this noise, allowing you to feel relief and get your body back to the healing process quickly, naturally, and entirely on its own.
How does neuro capacitive coupling work?
The billions of nanocapacitors inside the Signal patch absorb messages caused by discomfort from your nervous system into the patch before they have a chance to reach your brain. The patch holds this energy until it eventually converts to heat – thus the warming sensation you may feel when the patch is in use!
Does the patch ever expire? How long should I use a patch before replacing it?
We often tell our customers that you can use it until you lose it. The Signal patch is built to last over a year, as long as you take good care of it and keep it clean! If treated properly, the technology inside the layers of the patch can last for years. We offer a one year warranty if for some reason your patch needs to be replaced.
Is Signal a TENS unit?
No! The Signal patch is nothing like a TENS unit. Signal doesn’t send any electrical pulses into your body.
Does Signal block other nerves in the surrounding area?
Signal is not a nerve block. You will still feel regular sensations in the area while the patch is in place.
Are there types of discomfort that the patch doesn’t help with?
Not that we have found! The patch isn’t picky when it comes to absorbing messages of discomfort from within the body. Time, location, and patience are all that are needed to experience relief!

Use and Care

If one patch is effective, are two patches twice as effective?
More isn’t necessarily better! If you are experiencing discomfort in more than one area, having multiple patches is easier than moving one patch back and forth. For discomfort in one spot, one Signal patch is plenty! Finding the right placement is key, and many of our customers report the most success after leaving the patch on for 72 hours before deciding to adjust or move it.
Does the patch work through clothing?
The closer to the skin the better, but a slight distance such as fabric does not overly affect the efficiency of the patch. Many individuals have experienced relief wearing a Signal Patch over a light layer of clothing.
How do I clean and care for the patch?
The Signal patch should be cleaned by hand with a damp cloth moistened with only water and a mild detergent. DO NOT use any alcohol based products directly on the patch! Allow the patch to air dry after cleaning. NEVER put the patch through a washing machine or dryer!
What happens if the patch gets wet?
The Signal patch is durable and water resistant, but not completely waterproof. We do not recommend soaking the patch. If the patch gets damp or wet, simply dry the patch off with a soft cloth and it should be fully functional!
How do I know if the patch is working?
When the patch is in the right place, you might feel a warm or tingling sensation. If you do not feel any of these effects, try adjusting the location until you do. We recommend leaving the patch on for at least 5 minutes in one location before moving it. Leaving the patch on for 2-3 days, including overnight, is when most individuals feel the most relief!
Which side of the patch goes on my skin?
Whichever you prefer! Since the technology is embedded between the layers of the Signal patch, there is no wrong way to wear it.
Is there a limit to how long I can wear the patch?
Since there is no medication in the patch and nothing going into your body, there is no limit to how long you can wear the patch! Some people prefer to keep it on for only a few hours at a time, while others will wear it for days on end.
How long does relief last after the patch is removed?
Typically, the longer you wear a Signal patch, the longer you can go without it! The duration of relief is dependent on the cause of your discomfort. Some people experience lasting relief after just a few hours, while others prefer wearing the patch daily for the best results.
Do the patch or adhesives contain latex?
No! There is no latex in the Signal patch or adhesives.
Does the patch need to be charged?
The Signal patch is actually powered from within when it absorbs the messages from your body! There are no chargers or cords required. Just place the patch and let it work!


How long do the adhesives last?
Most people find the adhesives last for 2-3 uses, but it depends on where you are wearing the patch and for how long! If you cover the adhesives with the included clear plastic covering after each use, they will last longer.
What are the adhesives made of?
The included adhesives are made of medical grade acrylic and hydro-gel.
Will the adhesives irritate sensitive skin?
If you experience skin sensitivity, you might want to skip the adhesives to be on the safe side! There are plenty of ways to reap the benefits of the Signal patch without using the adhesives. Many people prefer to place the patch using medical wrap, simply placing it inside their clothing, using tape on the outside of a thin layer of material, or using other types of medical grade tape.
Can I return the patch due to skin sensitivity?
If your skin is sensitive, we recommend you don’t use the adhesives and place the patch using another method! If the Signal patch itself causes irritation, we offer a 120-day money back guarantee.

Common Concerns

Is the Signal patch safe for children? Pregnant women?
The Signal patch is not intended for use by young children. Pregnant women should consult their doctor.
Can I wear the patch through airport security?
Sure! The Signal patch is a great travel companion.
Does the patch have side effects?
There are no known side effects.
Is the patch safe to use with other medical devices such as a pacemaker, spinal cord stimulator, or TENS unit?
The Signal patch is a general wellness product. All serious medical questions should be discussed with your general physician prior to using the patch!
Will using the patch put me at risk of further injury?
Distress is an important communication tool to help us prevent further injury. The Signal patch does not cut off communication to the injury or numb the area like other popular relief treatments. Rather, it eases the discomfort so that those with chronic afflictions or injuries suffer less. You can still feel the injury if you move it, but the Signal patch helps to alleviate aching discomfort!
Is Signal Relief patented?
What is the difference between SIgnal Relief and Jovi?
The same amazing neuro capacitive coupling technology that powers the Signal Relief patch can be found inside the layers of Jovi! The Jovi patch is softer, smoother, and shaped in a way that is comfortable to wear wherever you need to place it for durable, discreet relief.
Will the patch still work if it is cut?
We highly discourage altering the patch in any way. If it is intentionally cut or torn, the one year warranty and 120-day money back guarantee are void.