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How is the patch is constructed?

The Signal Relief patch is constructed of 3 basic layers.

  • Atop, electrically insulating and protective layer.
  • Amiddle layer, containing the Nano-capacitive arrays (NCC™).
  • And lastly an electrically insulating and protective bottom layer.

These layers when laminated together comprise the thin flexible and water resistant Signal Relief device.

Our Guarantees

Year Guarantee

We will replace any patch that stops working for up to 1 year after purchase.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all orders.

90 Day Return Policy

If that patch doesn’t work for you within your first 90 days we will return it no questions asked.

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  • Belle

    Verified Buyer


    I have suffered with unimaginable pain for 23 yrs and these have changed my life. Drs have even told me I am beyond medical help and just need to accept it. I never imagined the patches would work as well as they do. I thought if they could keep me at even a 7 would be great but I was blown away by how well they really work. A good pain day with many meds and lots of cbd is a 8 on pain scale. I use the 4.5 in on my l5/s1 back injury and the 3.5 for everywhere else. The 3.5 on my back brings the pain down between 4 or 5 and the 4.5 patch keeps it down to 2 or 3! The 3.5 patch eliminates the pain in every other location. They only other procedure, meds etc that even comes close to this much pain relief is nerve burns which feels just as would imagine until the nerve dies and only brought me down to a 6. I will NEVER get another epidural or nerve burn after using these! I even bought more to give to Christmas gifts. I know nothing will ever fix my inoperable injury and will eventually end up in a wheelchair but just to have the pain almost completely gone and to be able to walk and do things on my own again is truly a miracle to me.

  • Aubre

    Verified Buyer


    I’m about two months in with the patch, and still working well for me. My extreme lower back pain is Minimal and allows me to function normally with a very busy lifestyle. My work is somewhat physically demanding and the patch helps me immensely. Thank you so much for giving my life back. God bless to all that made this happen.

  • Lois

    Verified Buyer


    I bought 2 sets, can’t believe the relief I felt. Had a pinched nerve in my left shoulder, read small booklet and then put acqua patch together and placed on my shoulder within 10 to 15 minutes pain was gone so I wore it all day, felt like a new women. Every place I was hurting I used patch. Love it and even shared with a friend, they ordered it right away. Thank you, it is amazing I am a true believer of this patch. Try it, move the patch around, find the spot it needs to be. Enjoy your life again.