Signal Relief Partners with Less Leg, More Heart for Veterans Day

Signal Relief Partners with Less Leg, More Heart for Veterans Day


Signal Relief Collaborates with Less Leg More Heart to Provide Veteran Amputees a New, Non-Drug Pain Relief Solution this Veteran’s Day


American Fork, Utah– Signal Relief, an American-based company headquartered in American Fork, Utah with team members in states throughout the U.S., is collaborating with national nonprofit Less Leg More Heart in honor of U.S. military Veterans who have lost limbs while serving and protecting the nation. This Veteran’s Day, Signal Relief, in conjunction with Less Leg More Heart, is providing up to 100 of the company’s newly introduced non-drug, pain relief patches to military Veterans with the goal to help improve quality of life for these Veterans dealing with chronic pain.  


The Signal Relief Pain Patch transforms the way people can manage pain by providing a natural and effective alternative to traditional pain relief methods. Clinical testing has shown that the scientific technology in this innovative product has the potential to provide targeted relief, offering numerous benefits to those seeking relief from discomfort. The Signal Relief Patch contains microscopic particles that are arranged in an array and act as an antenna to detect and interrupt signals of pain, rerouting the body’s generated pain messages through the patch and reducing the impact of pain while providing relief wherever and whenever needed.

"Our mission at Signal Relief is to bring drug-free pain relief to Every Body.  We particularly care for our military Veterans, who have given life and limb to defend us, and those who have lost limb or still feel the pain from injuries in the line of duty deserve our loyalty and support,” said Daniel Marriott, President. “We decided as a group at Signal Relief, that we could do something to help, by donating to Veterans who are still struggling with pain. We are partnering with Less Leg More Heart to help introduce our innovative, pain-relief solution to the Veteran community.” 

Less Leg More Heart is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of Veterans and others in the amputee community who have lost limbs by providing them emotional support, resources, and adaptive equipment. Many Veterans experience debilitating pain as a result of their injuries, impacting their daily lives and overall well-being. This partnership with Signal Relief aims to address pain with a product that that provides a drug-free, non-invasive, and long-lasting solution that will revolutionize how individuals approach pain relief.


“Less Leg More Heart is proud to partner with Signal Relief to improve the quality of life for individuals in our community. The Signal Relief Patch improved my pain. I like that it is noninvasive, drug-free, and has an affordable price point,” said Christina Hurley, Founder and CEO. “I look forward to recommending this product to others so they can feel well, be well, move well, do well.”


Interested Veterans and/or family members of a Veteran who would like to sample the Signal Relief Pain Patch that has many users reporting significant improvements in their quality of life, can submit a request at The first 100 qualified recipients will be contacted by Signal Relief for delivery. 


“I was hesitant to believe the signal patch would be able to provide near instant pain relief. The results were undeniable though as I experienced almost instant drug-free relief. Thank you for developing such an amazing product! This is an absolute game changer,” said Rick Godfrey, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran.



About Signal Relief

Signal Relief was founded in November 2019 by Mike Hammond (Founder and Principal), Daniel Marriott (President and Manufacturing), Tony Sutera (Inventor) and Rhett Spencer (Inventor) with a goal to help make drug-free pain relief a reality for “Every Body” in need. The Signal Relief Patch provides drug-free relief and fulfills the company’s mission by developing the highest quality and safest pain-relief products with innovative technology and unmatched user experience. The reusable Signal Relief patch can reduce the impact of pain every day for at least one year. Signal Relief’s patented technology has been clinically tested and shown to reduce or eliminate the need for alternate relief methods with no known side effects and nothing being put into the body. More information can be found at


About Less Leg More Heart 

Less Leg More Heart Founder and CEO, Christina Hurley, is a nationally certified Physician Assistant and an amputee that inspires others to thrive despite the challenging nature of their circumstances. Based out of Southern New Hampshire, the organization’s mission is to spread hope, decrease suffering, and enhance viability within the amputee community. They do this by providing customized education, support, services, and supplies during and after life changing medical circumstances. More information can be found at