Does the Signal Relief patch work?

Does the Signal Relief patch work?

Signal Relief is a reusable, drug-free, wearable patch that provides significant pain relief without the need for over-the-counter pills or prescription drugs. It sounds too good to be true... which is probably why we receive plenty of questions about how the Signal Relief patch works and a lot of skepticism from people wondering if it even works at all! We're here to address a few of our most frequently asked questions to help clear things up if you're considering the Signal patch for pain relief.

How long does the Signal Relief patch last? 

You can use one Signal Relief patch daily for a full calendar year (in many cases, even longer!). Every patch purchase is backed by a 1-year product warranty, guaranteeing the patented technology within the Signal patch will last at least 365 days. As long as you are still feeling the benefits of the patch, there is no need to order a replacement. Many of our customers have been experiencing lasting relief with their Signal patch for over two years! 

With our 1-year product warranty, the cost of Signal Relief breaks down to roughly 40¢ per day, making the Signal patch one of the most affordable options available. 

My skin is sensitive. Is Signal Relief safe to wear? 

The Signal patch does not contain any latex and most who use the patch do so comfortably without issue. One of the biggest benefits of the Signal patch is that it is effective even when worn over clothing or bandages/medical dressings. If you are concerned that the patch will irritate your sensitive skin, simply secure the patch in place directly over the area of pain outside a thin layer of clothing. 

Signal Relief is not a topical pain patch or a transdermal pain patch. The patch does not contain any medication, ointments, or oils. Unlike TENS units, there are no electrical impulses entering your body from the Signal patch. Our patented, clinically tested Signal Relief technology consists of nanocapacitors that reroute and absorb signals of discomfort from within the body. You can learn more about how Signal Relief works here, or view the preliminary clinical data on Signal Relief technology here

How do you charge it? 

You don’t! There is no external charge required to power the Signal patch. When you experience pain or injury, the body creates excess energy at the source of discomfort. The technology embedded within the patch absorbs this excess from within the body, significantly reducing the sensation of pain. Once absorbed, the energy is stored in nanocapacitors and converted into subtle, soothing heat. (The heat is NOT the reason for relief, but it is a nice added bonus!) 

Does the Signal Relief patch work? 

This is the answer we know you’ve been wanting to ask all along – and to put it simply: YES! The Signal patch has been clinically tested and shown to work on the majority of individuals, with 72% experiencing at least a 30% reduction in pain and an average pain reduction of 56.5%* without the need for prescription or non-prescription pills. 

If you're unsure if Signal Relief will work for your particular condition, we offer an industry-leading 120-day money back guarantee. Try the Signal patch risk-free for 120 days straight, hold onto it for use during your next flair-up, or try it as needed on multiple sources of pain. If you don’t feel better, simply return the patch and we will give you your money back! 

Signal Relief patch for pain relief

If you have more questions on the Signal Relief technology or use of the Signal patch, visit our FAQ section here, contact us via email:, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!


*Based on preliminary data. Signal Relief and JOVI are general wellness products intended to help promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Signal does not claim to treat, cure or diagnose disease. If you have concerns about your personal health conditions, please consult your physician. The Signal Relief patch is not intended to be cut or altered in any way. Not intended for internal use.