Signal Relief For Back Discomfort

According to a Georgetown University study, nearly 65 million Americans suffer from some degree of back discomfort. That’s nearly 20% of the population! Signal is here to help. We’re sure you’ve probably tried everything from different mattresses to physical therapy and everything in between. This is where we come in. We ask that you try this risk-free alternative to see if we can help. And when we say risk-free, we mean it in every sense. Our Signal Relief patch is non-invasive, 100% drug-free, and we offer a 120-day money back guarantee along with a 12-month product warranty.

It’s time to start better managing your back discomfort. The Signal Patch may be able to help if you have experienced any of the following forms of back discomfort:

  • Herniated disc(s)
  • Muscle strains
  • Muscle injury
  • Pinched/compressed nerves
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Vertebral fracture
  • Osteoporosis
  • The natural process of aging
  • And much more

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Signal Relief for Back Discomfort

Back discomfort is all too common in our world today. We aim to change that. Many people who have tried the Signal Relief patch have been dealing with back discomfort most of their lives. Whether it’s a form of upper or lower back discomfort or even a result of pregnancy, we’ve seen it all. And time after time after time, our customers rave about the relief that they’ve gained with the Signal patch.

Instead of turning to prescription drugs we encourage you to seek a more natural solution. The lightweight and flexible patch is easily held in place with our adhesive, a simple band-aid, a wrap, or other lightweight self-adherent tapes. This makes it ideal for placing anywhere on your back.

The Signal Relief patch works quickly and accurately and can be reused for many months when cared for properly. Again, this is what makes it so valuable for managing back discomfort. The patch can work to manage all types of discomfort all over your body.

Signal Relief does not eliminate the cause of your discomfort and is not a cure for disease. However, it does provide a simple, reusable, wearable solution for relief so that you are able to maintain an active lifestyle.

Take the no-risk leap today and start introducing relief back into your life. With our 120-day money back guarantee and 12-month product warranty, you can grow to trust the product as so many others have done before you. And if it doesn’t work, you can send it right back.

How It Works

signal relief packaging and pain patch

Wherever your back discomfort is coming from, what you're feeling is the result of one simple process: a message being sent from the location of the discomfort to your brain.

The more intense the discomfort, the louder the message. For those suffering from any type of back discomfort, this constant yelling can overwhelm you, reducing your focus and affecting your overall mood.

In the simplest of terms, Signal Relief turns down the volume of this message, allowing your brain time to send help and refocus.

As soon as you place the patch near the area of discomfort, it works to turn down the volume and clear up the static, improving communication between your brain and the discomfort. Many people feel their discomfort dimming – and even disappearing – within a short amount of time!

Signal Relief Technology is completely non-invasive. It adds zero drugs, zero electricity, zero anything into your body. It even works right through your clothes. We have seen it used on all sorts of discomfort, from headaches to sore feet and everything in between. Why not give it a try to see if it will work for you?

How To Apply Your Signal Relief Patch

  1. Locate the area where your Signal Relief patch is in the optimum position and your discomfort is at its minimum. Remember this location.
  2. Peel the liner off the back of the tape strip.
  3. Apply it to the back of your Signal Relief strip.
  4. Peel the liner on the opposite side of the tape strip and apply the patch to the inside or outside of your clothing, or directly to your skin, at the same location you found in Step 1.
  5. Adjust your all-natural relief patch accordingly.
  6. The adhesive patch can be cleaned and re-applied. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it air dry it will regain its tackiness.

A New You

When discomfort gets in the way of your everyday life, it can be a struggle to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Whether that’s crushing a workout, going out for a walk, or just spending active time with your family, Signal Relief’s all-natural patches help to provide relief. No more pills or drugs, smelly creams, and inconvenient bandages. With Signal Relief, you can enter in a new era of relief and welcome the new you.

Read How Signal Has Helped Others With Their Back Discomfort

The Signal Relief patch has changed countless people's lives be allowing them to better manage their discomfort. What can it do for you?

  • Within a few minutes, my pain was gone!
    I've used the signal patch for a month. My job is physically demanding and I lift weights. Over the years, my lower back pain has increased to the point where meds, support belts, etc. no longer work. I got the large patch - within a few minutes, my pain was gone - truly amazing! Only fault I have with patch is adhesive - stays sticky for about 2-3 weeks, even with soap and water. The product comes with 3 adhesive pads. I wear patch all the time, except for showering, so if you wear it less or have lower activity level, you might have better luck. Regardless, they offer a 10 pack of adhesive replacements for $20 on Amazon. Happy to report, I no longer wear support belts or take meds for lower back pain - many thanks!!
  • Wears every day
    My wife is well pleased that it helps with her back pain. Wears every day.
  • Takes the intense pain away!
    This patch is amazing! I've had surgery on L3,4 & 5 and still have pain from L3. This patch takes intense pain away. How? I don't know, but it does. You have to find the right location. I wear mine for 3 days at a time. Going to be getting my husband one for his back.
  • I was shocked by how much better I felt!
    I've had lower back problems for years. It's nothing serious, but after 6 or 7 hours of sleep, I really feel it. I don't really understand how this patch works, but when I stick it just above my lower back, it makes a significant difference in how my back feels in the morning. As evidenced by my Costco tubs of Ibuprofen and Tylenol I typically don't subscribe to alternative medicine or methods of pain relief. This patch was recommended to me by a family member and I figured it was probably just the placebo effect. They were insistent that it actually worked, so I decided to give it a try. I was shocked by how much better I felt. Amazing!
  • Almost instant relief!
    I have severe back pain from surgeries. Mostly it is muscles cramping on standing/walking. I have mostly been sitting and lying down due to the pain. I used this 3.5” patch for over a week with almost instant relief! And then I lost it! I’m here to buy anew because we are going on vacation. I have been without it for 2 days. My suggestion is to make sure you have good adhesion wherever you need to place it. God bless and I hope it works for you too!
  • Amazing little patch! It's a miracle!
    It is wonderful not to have pain anymore. This patch is a miracle for me. I had back surgery in 2007 and they put in two rods and four screws in my lower back and in 2015 I broke my hip ball and had major surgery and every since those surgeries I was in constant pain. I was taking pain pills for years even that wasn’t helping me so I could cope all day chores. But I saw this Signal Relief on Facebook and I said to myself (what do I have to lose?) so I ordered one and I put it on and what a surprise, I didn’t have any more pain in my back or my hip. Thank you so much for this amazing little patch! It’s a miracle. God bless you all!
  • Couldn't be happier!
    This really works!!! I’ve tried every patch on the shelves at several pharmacies, over the past year. I have a herniated disk and bulging disk causing pain down one leg all the way to my foot. Just a few minutes with the signal relief patch and I had be amazing relief. Couldn’t be happier! Overnight even more relief and had no pain at all until I removed the patch. Actually still had relief without the patch for several days. I have been taking 3 pain pills a day with very little success. With signal relief I don’t use any pain pills. Not work for everybody but it certainly has for me!
  • Keeping me pain free!

    I was diagnosed with severe spinal stenosis 5 years ago. It's like chronic sciatica but more painful. Tired several magnets, creams, massages etc.. Not consistent relief. Signal Relief gave me instant relief. Have worn the same patch every day for 2 weeks, and so far it is keeping me pain free! I can walk with ease now - a true blessing!!

  • Able to get around so much better!

    This patch has really been a huge help for me. I thought I was headed for surgery on my lower back but, with this patch, I am able to get around so much better with less pain. I have figured out that you do have to get the patch in the right place or it may not be as effective so keep trying. My biggest issue is dealing with the adhesive. It doesn't seem to want to stay in place as I'm moving around and the adhesive rolls up some. But it is still worth it to be able to walk normal again.

  • Able to experience uninterrupted sleep!

    I’ve had significant spinal/neck injuries. I’ve only been using the 4.5” Signal Patch for a week. Before, I was waking 4-8 times a night with pain and getting an average of 4 hours of sleep per night. Since using Signal, I’ve been noticing that I’m sleeping longer without the tossing and turning all night and I’ve been able to experience uninterrupted sleep! I would highly recommend the 4.5” Signal Relief Patch!

  • Back pain went from an 8-9 to a 2-3!

    I was so skeptical about this, but the pain level in my lower back was just getting to me. I ordered in Australia, when it arrived I couldn’t wait so put in on and nothing. A week later I realized I had it on the wrong way round. Now fitted correctly, my pain level went down to a 2-3 from 8-9. Don’t know how it works and quite frankly don’t care as long as the pain is reduced and I’m not filling my body with crappy pain killers.

  • Nothing has helped my lower back pain as much as these patches!

    15 years ago I was diagnosed with degenerative back disease in my lower lumbar four discs. I’ve done everything and anything to try to get rid of the pain nothing has helped as much as these patches!