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The Signal Relief patch is changing the way the world deals with discomfort.
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Unlike other products on the market, Signal Relief is completely non-invasive and non-medicated. Our groundbreaking patch doesn’t add anything into your body and does not contain any electricity, probes, or wires.

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How does the Signal Relief patch work?

Our bodies rely on electrical and chemical signals running through the nervous system for everything. When you get injured or experience discomfort, an unbalanced electrical field is created within the body’s nervous system at the source of the injury or affliction.

technology within the layers of the patch work to divert and reroute the imbalance

When Signal Relief is placed on the source of your discomfort, the technology within the layers of the patch work to divert and reroute the imbalance, absorbing the message like a sponge through nanocapacitors.

Nanocapacitors are devices that store energy in an electric field. A typical capacitor is made from two conductive plates with non-conductive material in-between. Unlike standard capacitors that contain only two conductive plates, the Signal Relief patch uses an array of billions of nano-capacitors embedded in a non-conductive material. To put it simply, the billions of energy storage banks inside the patch work together to absorb and store the excess energy your body creates at the source of your discomfort.

What is the Signal Relief patch made of?

The top layer of the Signal Relief patch is made of medical-grade material that is flexible, durable, and latex-free.

Inside the Signal Relief patch, our patented technology works to detect, reroute, and absorb your body’s excess energy caused by discomfort, resulting in reliable relief without the need for harsh pills, impractical probes, or costly quick fixes.

There’s no wrong way to wear the patch! Since the bottom layer of the Signal Relief patch is made of the same medical-grade material as the top, you can place the patch with either side facing your body.

neuro capacitive coupling

When the Signal Relief patch is placed on the source of your discomfort, the nanocapacitors inside the patch detect and interact with the electrical signals from the body’s nervous system through a process known as neuro capacitive coupling. The nanocapacitors detect and absorb the excess energy from within the body, essentially rerouting the signals of discomfort through the patch.

The first law of thermodynamics states that “Energy can be changed from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.” As such, the energy absorbed in the nanocapacitors within the Signal Relief patch is stored until it is eventually converted to heat. (This neuro capacitive coupling process is the reason many feel a warming relief when the patch is in the right place.)

diverting the signal created by the source

By diverting the signal created by the source of discomfort before it has a chance to trigger a response, the Signal Relief patch allows your body to more readily return to a balanced state – resulting in drug-free relief.

Try Signal Relief risk-free with our 120-day money back guarantee.

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