Signal Relief For Hand Discomfort

Signal Relief is here to help you get your hands back to feeling normal. Our 100% drug-free and non-invasive patch was designed to offer relief for anywhere on your body. And hand discomfort is something that is truly difficult to deal with. Since no matter what you do, you use your hands every single day. What’s hard is that hand discomfort can be the result of a variety of conditions, accidents, or diseases. However, you shouldn’t have to live with hand discomfort. If you find yourself reading this we know that you’ve probably already done your research. You’ve looked for specific medications and home remedies to help manage your discomfort.

Hand issues can be the result of any of the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • A traumatic injury
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
  • Ganglion cysts
  • Gout
  • Lupus
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • Stenosing tenosynovitis
  • And more

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Signal Relief for Hand Discomfort

The Signal Relief patch works quickly and accurately and can be reused for many months when cared for properly. Simply place the patch on your hand where you’re feeling the most discomfort and let it go to work.

Our goal with Signal Relief is to begin trending toward a world where there is much less reliance on prescription drugs to manage discomfort and more natural solutions. Our lightweight and flexible patch is easily held in place with our adhesive, a simple band-aid, athletic tape, or other lightweight self-adherent tapes. This makes it perfect for placing anywhere on or around your hand where you’re feeling the most discomfort.

Signal Relief does not eliminate the cause of your discomfort and is not a cure for disease. However, it does provide a simple, reusable, wearable solution for relief so that you are able to maintain an active lifestyle.

Take the no-risk leap today and start introducing relief back into your life. With our 120-day money back guarantee and 12-month product warranty, you can grow to trust the product as so many others have done before you. And if it doesn’t work, you can send it right back.

How It Works

signal relief packaging and pain patch

Wherever on your hand your discomfort is coming from, what you're feeling is the result of one simple process: a message being sent from the location of the discomfort to your brain.

The more intense the discomfort, the louder the message. For those suffering from hand discomfort, this constant yelling can overwhelm you, reducing your focus and affecting your overall mood.

In the simplest of terms, Signal Relief turns down the volume of this message, allowing your brain time to send help and refocus. Watch this video.

As soon as you place the patch near the discomfort, it works to turn down the volume and clear up the static, improving communication between your brain and the discomfort. Many people feel their discomfort dimming – and even disappearing – within a short amount of time!

Signal Relief Technology is completely non-invasive. It adds zero drugs, zero electricity, zero anything into your body. It even works right through your clothes. We have seen it used on all sorts of discomfort, from headaches to sore feet and everything in between. Why not give it a try to see if it will work for you?

How To Apply Your Signal Relief Patch

  1. Locate the area where your Signal Relief patch is in the optimum position and your discomfort is at its minimum. Remember this location.
  2. Peel the liner off the back of the tape strip.
  3. Apply it to the back of your Signal Relief strip.
  4. Peel the liner on the opposite side of the tape strip and apply the patch to the inside or outside of your clothing, or directly to your skin, at the same location you found in Step 1.
  5. Adjust your all-natural relief patch accordingly.
  6. The adhesive patch can be cleaned and re-applied. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it air dry it will regain its tackiness.

A New You

When discomfort gets in the way of your everyday life, it can be a struggle to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Whether that’s crushing a workout, going out for a walk, or just spending active time with your family, Signal Relief’s all-natural patches help to provide relief. No more pills or drugs, smelly creams, and inconvenient bandages. With Signal Relief, you can enter in a new era of relief and welcome the new you.

Read How Signal Has Helped Others With Their Hand Discomfort

The Signal Relief patch has changed countless people's lives be allowing them to better manage their discomfort. What can it do for you?

  • I wish I had it sooner!
    This really works and I wish I had it sooner. Been suffering for 2 years on my hands and thumbs and by wrapping this [patch] on there for the first time in a long time I have a break from the pain and it might be healing itself.
  • Best money I've ever spent!
    No idea why I ordered this but so glad I did. I had 2 tendons from the rotator cuff torn completely off the bone. Had a pretty significant surgery, drilled a hole in the bone and inserted something like a cork for the tendons and bone to grow into so all will be reattached. With the signal Relief patch I have really not needed even Tylenol for the first week after surgery. Amazing. I am on day ten and have taken only 1/2 dose of pain med at bedtime 5 times. Didn't really need it then, I just wanted to be sure and sleep through the night. I highly recommend trying Signal Relief. Best money I ever spent.
  • Without pain for the first time in ages
    I was skeptical...Just thought I’d let you know how the Pain Patch worked for my daughter who is in her mid 50s and milks cows, up to 350 at times morning and night. When it arrived I left it in it’s plastic bag and pinned it near the shoulder of her right arm as she has a lot of pain in her right arm and no doctors have been able to help her with it. It is probably RSI from her work of putting the cups on the cows and taking them off. She slept through the night without pain for the first time in ages.
  • You made my life better!
    You made my life better! Sometimes, when you say amazing…it could resonate with unbelievable and not real. But it’s real, in just a few minutes it solved an old and bad pain in my shoulder. I’ve also tested with a pain in my lower abdomen: it’s working very well. My wife tested with shoulder pain: it works again. As I’m a retired Electronic Engineer.
  • Arm and hip pain gone!
    Arm and hip pain both gone! Chronic pain sucks. I tore my rotator cuff at work several years ago. The last few years my pain was through the roof 10. My whole left arms goes numb. Two years ago, my husband purchased one of your patches for me.