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Signal Relief For Knee Discomfort

How many people do you know who experience some kind of knee issue? How often do you witness the struggle of your parents or grandparents bending down to play with their grandchildren? Whether it’s you or someone else, we probably witness knee discomfort in someone every day. The Signal Relief patch aims to provide you or your loved one with relief. Simply hold or adhere the patch to where the knee discomfort is coming from and feel the effects. It’s not magic, it’s actual science. And the best part is that you can try it with no risk. We’re so confident that you’ll love the results that we offer a 120-day money back guarantee and a 12-month product warranty!

According to the Mayo Clinic, below are the symptoms of knee discomfort to keep an eye out for. If you or someone you know has or is currently experiencing any of the below symptoms, it might be time to try the Signal Relief patch.

  • Swelling & stiffness
  • Redness & warm to the touch
  • Weakness or instability
  • Popping or crunching noises
  • Inability to fully straighten the knee
  • And more

Try Your Signal Relief Patch Risk-Free

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Signal Relief for Knee Discomfort

We truly understand that you might be skeptical. That’s why we make it so clear that there is no risk involved in at least trying the Signal Relief patch. Between our money-back guarantee, product warranty, and our simple belief in the product, we think it’s worth trying.

There is no specific type of knee discomfort, no specific age range, and no specific injury that is needed to try the Signal Relief patch. Too often we see our kids sustain a knee injury in sports, our grandparents get older and slower, and even ourselves feel the effects of knee discomfort. We want that to end. Our goal is to provide relief to every body out there. We envision a world that is less reliant on prescription drugs to manage their knee issues.

Our lightweight and flexible patch is easily held in place with our adhesive, a simple band-aid, athletic wrap, or other lightweight self-adherent tapes. It is designed to be placed anywhere on your body and remain effective. The patch works quickly and accurately and can be reused for many months when cared for properly. It’s perfect for placing anywhere around the knee.

Signal Relief does not eliminate the cause of your discomfort and is not a cure for disease. However, it does provide a simple, reusable, wearable solution for relief so that you are able to maintain an active lifestyle.

Take the no-risk leap today and start introducing relief back into your life. With our 120-day money back guarantee and 12-month product warranty, you can grow to trust the product as so many others have done before you. And if it doesn’t work, you can send it right back.

How It Works

signal relief packaging and pain patch

No matter where in your knee your discomfort is coming from, what you're feeling is the result of one simple process: a message being sent from the location of the discomfort to your brain.

The more intense the discomfort, the louder the message. For those suffering from any knee issue or injury, this constant yelling can overwhelm you, reducing your focus and affecting your overall mood.

In the simplest of terms, Signal Relief turns down the volume of this message, allowing your brain time to send help and refocus. Watch this video.

As soon as you place the patch near the discomfort, it works to turn down the volume and clear up the static, improving communication between your brain and the discomfort. Many people feel their discomfort dimming – and even disappearing – within a short amount of time!

Signal Relief Technology is completely non-invasive. It adds zero drugs, zero electricity, zero anything into your body. It even works right through your clothes. We have seen it used on all sorts of issues, from headaches to sore feet and everything in between. Why not give it a try to see if it will work for you?

How To Apply Your Signal Relief Patch

  1. Locate the area where your Signal Relief patch is in the optimum position and your discomfort is at its minimum. Remember this location.
  2. Peel the liner off the back of the tape strip.
  3. Apply it to the back of your Signal Relief strip.
  4. Peel the liner on the opposite side of the tape strip and apply the patch to the inside or outside of your clothing, or directly to your skin, at the same location you found in Step 1.
  5. Adjust your all-natural relief patch accordingly.
  6. The adhesive patch can be cleaned and re-applied. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and let it air dry it will regain its tackiness.

A New You

When discomfort gets in the way of your everyday life, it can be a struggle to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Whether that’s crushing a workout, going out for a walk, or just spending active time with your family, Signal Relief’s all-natural patches help to provide relief. No more pills or drugs, smelly creams, and inconvenient bandages. With Signal Relief, you can enter in a new era of relief and welcome the new you.

Read How Signal Has Helped Others With Their Knee Discomfort

The Signal Relief patch has changed countless people's lives be allowing them to better manage their discomfort. What can it do for you?

  • Truly amazing!
    The day I got my patch for the pain that I've had for years, I put it above my left knee and 20 minutes later it wasn't as intense. Stood up and walked away, my right knee felt better. So I changed what knee I put it on back and forth. I had pain from the way I walked for years. So I also have lower back pain. I know I have it on my lower back. And it takes care of all three places. I've had it since September 28th and I know how to walk and bend over squat down. I still have knee damage but I should have had total knee replacement in 2013. The only thing is sticking them on. I used all the stickers in a couple days but I figured out ways to keep it on. Truly amazing from the pain I was in!!!
  • Definitely relieved the pain
    I have patellar tendinopathy which creates discomfort in my knee. Placing the Signal Relief patch just above my knee has definitely relieved some of the pain. I suggest using athletic or K-tape to help keep it in place.
  • I'm so glad I took a chance!
    I would recommend these to anyone. I tore my meniscus my tendons my cartilage I've been in so much pain I took a chance and ordering these off of Facebook and they're amazing my knee pain after the third day of wearing the patch was gone now I can work on healing it won't heal my knee but now it'll take the pain away and I also ordered another one for my sciatica because my right side is getting so much work because I can't walk with my left leg so yes they are expensive but it is worth it they will send you a little video of where to place it if you can't find it it's truly amazing I'm so glad I took the chance and I've sent them a message myself thanking them for less pain so I can heal faster.
  • No pain!
    My right knee was replaced 9 years ago, early this year I started having trouble with my right hip, which made my replaced knee hurt. My left knee needs to be replaced also. When I got my Signal Relief, put them on, no pain. Wonderful at night. So happy I ordered.
  • I am still amazed!! I am still amazed. I have suffered with bone on bone arthritis, hip replacement, back and knee pain for several years. I got so bad I was planning my life around it. Never plan anything after lunch because my pain would be too bad. Fearing losing my job for so many call outs. First day with this patch I worked all day, went to the grocery store and did a walking workout. I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep without having to turn every few min.
  • Pleased with and thankful for this product!
    Bone on bone knee pain was limiting my walking and general movement. The Signal Relief patches are two little miracle triangles! My knee pain has been lessened considerably! I am very pleased with and thankful for this product.
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