7 Ways to Improve Men's Health
Our minds and bodies are connected. It has been proven in studies that suffering from poor mental health can affect how well our bodies function physically. Depression, for example, can lead to poor sleeping habits, which can lead to a weakened immune system, which ultimately can result in health issues. Continue reading for 7 ways to improve men's health, in honor of Men's Health Month.
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how to improve back ache from sitting at desk
Between sitting at your desk all day and staring down at your phone all night, more and more people are suffering from aches associated with poor posture. And this is only made worse by the new growing trend of working remotely, where individuals are less likely to have ergonomic workspaces. Here are 5 ways to ease discomfort from sitting at your desk too long.
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signal relief patch for back ache relief

Any exercise, physical activity otherwise known as movement that you are willing to participate in on a regular basis helps maintain a state of physical wellbeing and, due to endorphin production, can also enhance mental wellbeing. 

If you've ever noticed how stiff your back can be upon rising in the morning after a long night's sleep, taking a few minutes before your feet hit the ground to do a few stretching exercises can make a tremendous difference!

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how to ease joint aches in winter months. why do joints hurt worse when it's cold?

If you feel like you experience an increase in your joint aches in the winter months, it’s not just in your head! Many individuals report more discomfort during cold weather months. And while the reason for this is still largely unknown, some experts believe that low barometric pressure causes joint tissues to expand slightly, which can result in increased discomfort. 

Although we can’t control the weather (trust us, here in Rexburg, Idaho, we wish we could!), there are a few things you can do to help ease joint aches in the winter months.

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how does the signal relief patch work?

To fully grasp how the Signal Relief patch works, you first need to understand the basics of human biology. To put it simply, our bodies rely on electrical and chemical signals running through the nervous system for everything: sight, smell, touch, movement, and physical discomfort – to name a few. In the event of injury or affliction, an unbalanced electrical field is created within the body’s nervous system at the source of discomfort, similar to how a radio creates static. 

The technology within the layers of the Signal Relief patch works to detect, divert, and absorb this excess energy using patented nanocapacitors and a process known as neuro capacitive coupling. 

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